Retrieving sunset from BOM

I needed to find the sunset time, so I can turn on my path lights for a couple of hours each night.  The BOM usually display the sunrise and sunset times when they provide the weather forecast. Having looked at the site I found that it provides a tool, via Geoscience Australia, to find out the sunset and sunrise times each day or for a whole year.

As I needed the sunset time I came up with a command to retrieve it

LATHEMI=south #Latitude Hemisphere
LONGHEMI=east #Longitude hemisphere 
LATDEG=0 #Latitude degrees
LATMIN=0  #Latitude minutes
LATSEC=0  # Latitude seconds
LONGDEG=0 # Longitude degrees
LONGMIN=0 # Longitude minutes
LONGSEC=0 # Longitude seconds
STATE="NT%20-%20Darwin%20(most%20location)"  #Australian state
DST=No  #Daylight Savings Time (Yes|No)
TZ=10 #Timezone
UTCOFF=10 #Offset from UTC
ATZ="(EST) #Eastern Standard Time 
LT="00:00:00 PM" #Time making the call
DATE=`date +"%d/%m/%Y"`

SUNSET=`wget -O - -q --post-data="END=END&lathemi=$LATHEMI\
&event=$EVENT&TimeZone=$TIMEZONE&Date=$DATE"\ | grep Rise | \
cut -d' ' -f 7`

The good news is, you can get all the parameters to slot into the variables from Geoscience Australia site, here.

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