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Integrating icinga/nagios with puppet

We are trialling Icinga at work as the interface to Nagios is a little behind the times, but the instructions here are applicable to either.  We run a cluster and we needed a way to monitor the nodes within that … Continue reading

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Solar controller replacement

About two years ago my automatic solar controller broke down. The replacement is $500, with a power controller being a further $500.  This was a bit too much. I came across an Ethernet based power controller, and decided that I … Continue reading

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Tasker – just brilliant

The title describes how I feel about this app for my Nexus One. Tasker allows you to set up your phone to perform certain actions depending upon a criteria, these criteria can be time, place, application ………. I have implemented … Continue reading

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Moving to WordPress

I have moved from blosxom to WordPress lets see if I can keep up with writing some more articles/entries.

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