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Sharks versus cars

In my opinion one of the good things about living in Australia is that it has managed to retain/protect some of its wildlife, both land and sea based. Most of Europe seems to have wiped out most of their wildlife, … Continue reading

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Using NTPD with PTPD

We have a requirement at work to synchronise our servers to within a micro-second. To achieve this we used a combination of a CDMA modem (can use a GPS device), PTPD, and NTPD. We used the CDMA modem as a … Continue reading

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Ajax comes to the rescue

I help out with the kids school web site. They wished to update some of their content by themselves. This particular content comprised a PDF file and a link to it. Using the existing pages would mean they created a … Continue reading

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Chris Bonington

Last night I went to listen to a talk by the mountaineer Chris Bonington.  Excellent, inspiring and brilliantly presented. If you ever want to ask anyone about risk management, he would be a good contender.  I was impressed that he … Continue reading

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